Personal Counseling

A student may discuss any personal concern or issue with the counselor. Student concerns typically involve relationships with others, unpleasant feelings, life decisions, values clarification, study problems, depression, eating disorders, sexual identity issues, alcohol or drug abuse, or general confusion. Any personal concern is appropriate to bring to the counselor.  

Any subject can be discussed, any type of discomfort, or just simply a relaxing talk. Everything is kept confidential.

Relationship Counseling
Breaking up with a loved one is never easy to do. Being in love is a good thing, but not being loved in return is not. One should judge his/her partner by what he/she says, as well as what he/she does. Any type of mistreatment or abuse whether it be physical or emotional is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Certain behaviors can make a relationship unstable. Some Include: 

  • refusing to communicate
  • ignoring issues
  • verbal put downs
  • not showing affection
  • not keeping promises
  • physical/verbal threats

Self-Esteem Counseling
In today's society, humans often do not view themselves positively. They need to find the positive traits in themselves by looking at what they have accomplished, not what they have not accomplished. Self-esteem is their self-image, or how they feel about themselves. There are many factors that affect their self-esteem level. The more positive these are, the higher their self-esteem will be.

  • stable home life
  • social life
  • school
  • society
  • on the job

Suicide Counseling
There is no apparent answer as to why people take their own lives. Many factors can make people contemplate suicide.

  • depression
  • loss of a relationship
  • unstable home life

Suicide could be prevented if these warning signs are detected.

  • previous attempt
  • giving prized possessions away
  • withdraws from family/friends
  • threat of suicide--written or verbal

Rape/Date Rape Counseling
Date Rape is the act of pressuring and forcing someone to have sex. Anyone can be raped--men and women, and anyone could be the rapist--classmate or co-worker. Many assume a rapist to be a stranger when statistics show that 84% of the raped women knew their rapist. No one deserves to be raped and that's why everyone should be aware and protect themselves.

  • express self limitations
  • beware of alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • stay clear of secluded areas
  • have own transportation

Group Counseling Options
Group counseling, workshops, seminars, consultations, and referrals are also provided by the counseling staff.

Academic Counseling
Director of Student Academic Services

Career Counseling
Director of Career Services