Citation Appeals Form Instructions

The appeal process allows a customer to appeal a parking citation believed to have been issued in error. The appeal form must be completed within 14 calendar days of the issue date of the citation. Appeals that are submitted beyond the fourteen-day period or appeals that contain inappropriate, crude, or threatening language will not be considered.

There must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond the customer's control.

The following reasons are not considered a valid basis for appeal:

  •     Other vehicles were parked improperly;
  •     Only parked illegally for a short period of time;
  •     Late to class or appointment;
  •     No other place to park.

After review, both written and electronic appeals submissions will receive a response at the email address provided. All responses will be sent within 3-5 business days. If you have questions regarding the status of your appeal, please email Facilities Services

The VCSU Parking Office will not consider any appeals that are received more than 14 days after the citation's issuance. It is the appellant's responsibility to ensure that the form is received by the Parking Office within the appeal period.

Citation Appeal Form Link