Certain campus events are subject to 'Large Event Parking' privileges. Departments or the Event Coordinator can arrange to use one of the designated lots (described below) for their event. Parking Services staff may place signs directing guests to appropriate parking lots.

West Student Center Parking Lot:

The West Student Center Parking lot is available for reservation through the Parking Office. If you are hosting an event and there will be 6 or more visitors on campus, please notify the Parking Office of the date of the event and the number of expected guests. The Parking Office will block off the required number of parking spaces and send out 'Visitor Parking Passes' to the Event Coordinator (or department). Throughout the day of the event, the Parking Attendant will monitor the lot.

North River Parking Lot (across the walk bridge):

The North River Parking lot is available for reservation through the Parking Office for large group (buses, vans, etc.) parking. For these events, the event coordinator (or department) should notify the schools/drivers that this lot is available for parking (if the guest groups park in other lots on campus, they may be subject to receiving a citation). Buses are not allowed to park in the streets- they are allowed to drop students off at the venue/building and then park in the North River Lot. Buses parked in the street will be asked to move.

**Visitor Passes are not required for these large events UNLESS a personal vehicle will be parked in a different lot.

If a guest receives a citation, please send it in to the Parking Office or call 701-845-7705 with the citation number.