Please use a Firefox or Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the My VCSU website (  If you see the screen below, click on student. You will then be directed to the NDUS login screen.

2. Login to the NDUS system:

3. Under Services Quick Links- Click More:

4. Under My Web Applications Click Student Assessment:

*If a student can NOT find the Student Assessment link, please email Al Olson at or Rachel Bopp at Access will be granted as soon as possible.

The Candidate Summary contains valuable information for the candidate and the candidate's advisor to see regarding the candidate's achievements and uncompleted requirements.

On the Undergraduate Forms menu, choose Candidate Summary Sheet:

Candidate Summary Sheet

The Candidate Summary Sheet will display information regarding the candidate's status in the Teacher Education Program.


  •  Not-Admitted: Student has not been admitted to Teacher Education.
  • Admitted: Student has been admitted to Teacher Education.
  • Denied: Student has been denied admission to Teacher Education.
  • Inactive: Student is no longer pursuing an education degree. 

Application, Advisor Approval, Speech Screening

  • Yes: form has been submitted and processed.
  • No: form may have been submitted but has not been processed.

First Faculty Reference, Second Faculty Reference

  1. Yes: form was returned by a faculty member and includes a positive recommendation.
  2. No:

          Option 1: form has not been returned; comment box indicates that Ref 1 or 2 was sent on MM/DD/YYYY

          Option 2: form was returned by faculty member and did not include a positive recommendation; comment box indicates that Ref 1 or 2: No

Cumulative GPA

  • 0.00 – 2.49: Candidate does not meet minimum cumulative GPA requirement.
  • 2.50 – 2.74: Candidate does not meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement but may be considered for appeal following the guidelines in the Teacher Education Handbook on page 15.
  • 2.75 – 4.00: Candidate meets the minimum cumulative GPA requirement.

Intro to Ed, Composition I, Composition II

  • 0.00: Data has not been entered or student did not pass course. If student did not pass course, indicated in comment box.
  • 1.00: Student will need to retake the course.
  • 2.00 - 4.00: Student has met the requirement.

Praxis CORE or ACT Test Details

  • Students must meet the Praxis CORE OR ACT test requirements. 
  • Red = Candidate did not meet the requirements.
  • Green = Candidate meets the requirements and passed the test.