For Undergraduate and Graduate registration in Campus Connection, you will need your NDUS account information. If you forgot your NDUS Account User ID and Password or have not yet claimed your NDUS account, please visit the NDUS Help Desk home page. 

  1. Find your registration begin time by logging into Campus Connection and going to 'Manage Classes,' then 'Enrollment Dates.'
  2. Visit with you Advisor. You can find your assigned advisor by going to 'Academic Progress,' then 'My Advisors and Advising Notes.' You are ultimately responsible for all registration choices you make, but your advisor is a valuable resource in helping you navigate your academic plan to keep you on track.
  3. Complete your Financial Obligation agreement by going to 'Manage Classes,' then 'Sign Fin Obligation Agreement.' Complete this for the term you are preparing to enroll in classes for. You will need to complete a Financial Obligation Agreement every semester before enrolling in classes.
  4. View Course Catalog by going to 'Manage Classes,' then 'Browse Course Catalog.' Searching for classes in the course catalog will allow you to view course information and add classes to your planner. For more detailed information, view our search for classes help document.
  5. Enroll in Classes. In 'Manage Classes' click 'Class Search and Enroll'. For detailed instructions on enrolling in classes, see our add classes help document. If you need to change your schedule, you will be able to add classes through the Last Day to Add for each session and you will be able to drop classes through the Last Day to Drop with Record "W" for each session in Campus Connection. Term session dates are available to view for fall, spring, and summer.
  6. Confirm your Class Schedule. After you have completed registration, be sure to check your entire schedule carefully under 'Manage Classes', then 'View My Classes.' Verify you are registered for the correct classes, while also checking number of credits for each class.
  7. Textbook information for each class section is available in the Campus Connection by clicking on the ISNB Book icon.  You can order books online or contact the bookstore at 1-800-532-8641 ext 7141.
  8. Students are added into Blackboard courses through an automated process directly from Campus Connection. This process runs daily at 7:30 am, 11:30 am, 3:30 pm, and 7:30 pm Central Time. Faculty must make a Blackboard course available to students by the class begin date. All online courses that begin in the first week of the semester must be made available to students by 5:00 pm Central Time Monday of the first week of classes. Any online courses that do not meet the full semester must be made available by 8:00 am Central Time on the first day of the session in which it is offered.

If you have any questions, please stop by McFarland 219, email, or call 701-845-7295.

For Extended Learning or Continuing Education registration, please visit the Extended Learning @ VCSU homepage for more information.

If you have any questions, please email or call 701-845-7304.