Spring Semester 2020

Session Begin Date:

Last Day to:
-Drop with No Record
-Drop with a Refund

Last Day to:
-Drop with Record "W"

End Date:
Regular 16 Weeks January 13, 2020 January 23, 2020 April 9, 2020 May 15, 2020
 First 4 Weeks January 13, 2020  January 14, 2020  January 31, 2020  February 7, 2020 
 First 6 Weeks January 13, 2020  January 15, 2020  February 10, 2020  February 21, 2020 
 First 8 Weeks January 13, 2020  January 16, 2020  February 20, 2020  March 6, 2020 
 Second 8 Weeks March 9, 2020  March 13, 2020  April 24, 2020  May 15, 2020 
 First 10 Weeks January 13, 2020  January 17, 2020  March 6, 2020  March 27, 2020 
 Second 10 Weeks February 24, 2020  February 28, 2020  April 22, 2020  May 15, 2020 

Drop with No Record: A student may drop a semester-length course and no record                                                              

of the course will appear on the student's transcript if the drop is processed on or                                                                    

before tenth calendar day of the fall term and the eleventh calendar day of the                                                                         

spring term. Course within a shorter session and the summer term will have a                                                                           

proportional last day to drop with no record. 


Drop with Record: A student may drop a semester-length course at any time during the first twelve 
weeks of the semester. A grade of "W" will be recorded on the student's transcript for all course dropped
after the Drop with No Record deadline. Courses within a shorter session and the summer term will have
a proportional last day to drop with a record.

Drop with a Refund: Students who drop a class or classes during the 0.000 to                                                                         

8.999% enrollment period shall receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees for                                                                            

the credit hours attributable to the class or classes dropped. Refunds will not                                                                           

be give after this time frame for students who drop a class or classes.  

Withdraw: Students who discontinue their enrollment at VCSU shall receive a refund based on the date
of official withdrawal. An official withdraw form must be filed with the Office of Student Academic 
Services. The last day to withdraw from the university is the last business day of the 12th week of
classes. More information on the tuition refund policy for withdraw is available here.