1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. Click on the tile 'Manage Classes'
  3. Click on 'Class Search and Enroll'
  4. Pick the term and University you'd like to search
  5. Click into the 'Search for Classes' box and start searching by entering course, subject, class number, or topic
  6. When you locate the class you're searching for, click on the Lecture-Sect #-Class # link under the class heading to open more information about the class, if needed
  7. For a more advanced search, click 'Additional Ways to Search'
  8. Next, choose the subject by clicking the drop-down option for 'Available Subjects'
  9. After you choose a subject, type in the catalog number if known
  10. There is also an optional category that searches by instructor's last name
  11. Click 'Search' when done

Additional Ways to Search

To view this help document with pictures, please see the attached document.