Final grade due dates are available in the Academic Calendar.  

  • For a fall and spring term, final grades are due at 10:00.a.m. on the Tuesday after finals week ends.  
  • For summer term, final grades are due at 10:00 a.m. on the Tuesday after the first 4 week session and after the first 8 week session.  

When final grade rosters have been created for undergraduate and graduate courses in Campus Connection, an announcement will be sent to your VCSU email.  See the attached Final Grade Roster with LDA document for instructions.

• Check that your grade rosters are available and accurate for each class section that you teach. 

• Check that your grade rosters have the correct grading basis (graded or S/U) and the number of credits

If discrepancies are found on a grade roster, contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible. It is easier to make corrections before your grades are entered in Campus Connection.

Instructors may import final Blackboard grades to Campus Connection. See the attached Grades Integration document for instructions.

Entering Failing Grades: Federal regulations for financial aid and veteran’s benefits require reporting of the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) for students who failed classes due to stopped attendance. All failing or unsatisfactory grades will convert to appear as 'F' or 'U' on the student’s academic record.

 When grading in Blackboard, remember to use FN, UN, FNN, UNN in the following situations:


Use these grades when a student stops attending class, and earned an F or U. 

You will need to enter the last date of attendance in the Grade Roster in Campus Connection.


Use these grades when a student never attended your class.

Approval Status: Change the Approval Status from Not Reviewed to Approved after you have entered all grades/reviewed any grade import errors and entered any LDA in Campus Connection. Before final grades are posted, you can adjust a grade by changing the Approval Status to Not Reviewed.

Entering Incomplete Grades: After you have entered an Incomplete grade on your final grade roster, please visit Incomplete Grades for Faculty for next steps.  

Grade Changes:  If you need to change a student grade after final grades are posted, please submit an Instructor Request for Change of Student Grade form to your department chair for approval.  

For Blackboard Grade Center Training and questions, contact:

Jodi Yu || Technology Services | Valley City State University | 701-845-7352

For Campus Connection questions, contact:

Shannon Hone | | Office of the Registrar | Valley City State University | 701-845-7293