After you get a new and/or re-imaged VCSU MacBook or Mac computer and after first boot up, you will get a message from BitDefender about "System Extension Blocked". Please follow the simple steps below to allow the Anti-Virus application.

Message you will see from BitDefender:

Mac Bitdefender full disk access notice

1) Click the "Open Security Preferences" button.

2) From the "General" tab click the "Allow" button:

Click Allow

*Note: after clicking allow, you may get a couple prompts about restarting BitDefender and/or a System Extension Warning, just accept them and continue.

3) Restart your Mac and once you are logged back in, open BitDefender:

Open BitDefending App

4) Confirm that BitDefender is all green and this would be a good time to run a full scan (this can take some time, make sure you are plugged into power):

Full Scan Results

Once that is done, you should be all set!