1. Determine how you are going to connect your device to the network, Wired or Wireless.

2. Locate the appropriate MAC Address (Wired or Wireless) of your device using one of the following help docs.  Xbox OneXbox 360PS4PS3Amazon TV & Fire StickNintendo SwitchRokuApple TVAndroid TV

3. Login to the Blackboard Portal, click on My VCSU near the top and click on Personal Wifi Devices in the My Web Applications section

Personal Wifi Devices

4. Fill in the required information.  Read the disclaimer and check the I Agree check box and click on Place Request.

Personal Devices Form

5. During normal business hours, a member from Technology Services will register your device and send a notice that your device has been registered.

6. If you stated that you have a wireless device, you will need to join the Personal Devices Wifi Network. Enter the password you received in your One Stop Ticket and you will connect to the network.

7. Restarting your wired and wireless devices is required to gain access to the Internet.