1. Turn on the projector/TV and verify that you are on the correct input for that room (Computer or HDMI) as seen on the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. Connect the red-tagged USB-C cable to the USB port located on the ride of the laptop.

For best text viewing, use the 1200x800 resolution

  1. Type Display in the search bar on the task and press Enter.
  2. Scroll down to Resolution and select 1200x800.

Sound System

Once connected with the red-tagged cable you will need to verify the sound source is set to Interact COM.

  1. Click on the Sound icon on the taskbar or type Sound in the search bar on the task and press Enter.
  2. Verify that the Output device is set to Speakers (any number - Interact COM).
  3. Verify that the Input device is set to Microphone (any number - Interact COM).
    • If not, select the above setting from the dropdown menu.
    • If option is not available and you are displaying, submit a ticket or for emergency call Technology Services Desk @ 701-845-7340.

*Note #1 - McCarthy locations do not have this feature. To control the volume you will need to either adjust the volume from the video source volume slider or by adjusting the amp's dial labeled Computer.

*Note #2 - Rooms with just a projector and no wall, podium, or ceiling speakers sound will volume can come out out of the project. These speakers are not ideal and need to be controlled by the remote. Additional 3.5mm (Headphone) cable is needed in the following locations:

  • Froemke Auditorium
  • The lower level of the Student Center