Each Android phone has their own specific settings for the VCSU wireless network. These are general settings and are meant to be used as a guide when setting up wireless on your Android phone.

1. Select the VCSU network. 

2. Under EAP Method, select PEAP.

3. Under Select Certificate, select Don't validate.

4. Identity: firstname.lastname

5. Password: NDUS password


Depending on your device and your Android OS, you may be asked for additional settings and/or need to enter your credentials differently. See below:

1 - Identity: You may need to use firstname.lastname@ndus.edu for your identity.

2- Phase 2 Authentication: select MSCHAPV2. 

3 - Anonymous field: Leave this blank for now. If you enter all the above information and are unable to connect to VCSU wifi, proceed to enter: firstname.lastname.