Each Android phone has their own specific settings for the VCSU wireless network. These are general settings and are meant to be used as a guide when setting up wireless on your Android phone.

1. Select the VCSU network. 

2. Under EAP Method, select PEAP.

3. Under Select Certificate, select Don't validate.
     3a.  For Android 12 usersUnder Select Certificate, select Use Interface Systems > Don't Install > Don't Validate
            Then, for Domain, enter vcsu.edu.  It will take a few minutes/hours for the phone to setup the Wifi.  

4. Identity: firstname.lastname

5. Password: NDUS password


Depending on your device and your Android OS, you may be asked for additional settings and/or need to enter your credentials differently. See below:

1 - Identity: You may need to use firstname.lastname@ndus.edu for your identity.

2- Phase 2 Authentication: select MSCHAPV2. 

3 - Anonymous field: Leave this blank for now. If you enter all the above information and are unable to connect to VCSU wifi, proceed to enter: firstname.lastname.