Engage, Innovate, Succeed: Strategic Plan 2017–22

1. GROWTH: Grow the university to meet the needs of North Dakota and beyond.

This goal includes strategies for marketing, strategic student recruitment, retention and persistence, and program development to increase opportunities for growth.

      1.1 Marketing: Focus marketing activity to increase VCSU’s accessibility/interest to potential students and shape external recognition and support of VCSU.

      1.2 Strategic Enrollment Planning: Use the Strategic Enrollment Planning process to involve key university department and stakeholders in planning university growth through student recruitment and program optimization.

      1.3 Retention and Completion: Implement engagement strategies to increase student retention and completion.

2. QUALITY AND ENGAGEMENT: Provide distinctive learning opportunities.

This goal focuses on promoting high-impact teaching and learning practices that promote academic and cocurricular student success; supporting continued growth through professional development for faculty and staff; and utilizing resources that foster supportive learning environments for all.

      2.1 Engaging, High-Impact Practices: Increase the educational quality and impact of our academic and cocurricular programs through research and application of best practices in teaching and learning, in partnership with private-sector employers and public entities in target job markets.

      2.2 Professional Development: Provide opportunities and support for faculty and staff to improve student engagement and program quality.

      2.3 Resources: Improve and support curricular, assessment, facility, and technology resources to increase the quality of teaching and learning experiences.

3. STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Implement cocurricular experiences to positively impact the learning and growth of students.

This goal speaks to the breadth of experiences students have on campus, online, and in their communities, and to the importance of delivering quality student experiences, including student life, access to services, financial support, work experiences, and campus interactions.

      3.1 Access: Ensure students have access to the resources, activities, and opportunities for meaningful student experiences at VCSU.

      3.2 Student Engagement: Promote involvement through service learning, athletics, cocurricular programs, student employment, community building, and career development.

      3.3 Environment: Ensure university environments are safe, accessible, and intentionally designed to maximize student learning and experiences.

4. OPTIMIZATION: Increase efficiencies through innovation, collaboration, streamlining, and reallocation.

This goal includes strategies for strengthening collaboration with stakeholders, streamlining services and implementing innovative solutions, and strategically allocating resources to provide the highest quality VCSU experience.

      4.1 Efficiency: Eliminate duplication and ineffective practices.

      4.2 Streamlining and Reallocation: Develop long-term strategies to help inform and prioritize budget decisions; explore additional cost-saving measures; and work with partners across the state to reduce costs and increase student access.

      4.3 Innovative Solutions: Implement new processes, systems, and services to improve the VCSU experience.

      4.4 External Resources: Identify and secure external resources for building renovation and additions, new facilities, enhanced scholarship assistance, and faculty development.