Email Accounts

Email accounts are available through the Technology Service Desk (Rhoades Science Center, 1st floor). According to VCSU Policy V1901.02, VCSU email is an official means of communication. All employees are expected to use their VCSU email address when representing VCSU. Users are responsible for information conveyed via VCSU email. The university expects faculty to respond to business emails within 24 hours during the regular business week. Please contact the VCSU Technology Service Desk (3-7340) if you have any concerns/questions about your account.

Help Desk

NDUS Help Desk

VCSU Help Desk

NDUS Help Desk Phone Number: 1-866-457-6387

Printing - FMC

Whenever possible, please use digital copies of items, which may be shared efficiently with students and colleagues using email or the Blackboard content system.

Copy machine codes (available from the FMC—check with your Department’s Assistant) should not be shared with students. Department policy on copy machine use varies; details should be discussed with your Department Chair. Note that the copy machine also scans items (no copy number needed) and emails the scans to any campus email address.

Large Quantity printing: The Faculty Materials Center accepts print jobs which are directly related to university business. Consult with your Departmental Assistant for Department guidelines and processes for submitting items to the FMC; departmental accounts are billed for print jobs.

Telephone Numbers and Long Distance Access Code

Long distance access codes, phone numbers and instructions are obtained through the Technology Service Desk/CIO Administrative Assistant. Personal calls must be made by calling card or personal cell phone, not on University long distance service. The CISCO phone system allows faculty and students to make and receive calls through their computers.