Attached is a Fast Track Guide for getting started with VoiceThread.

Some things to know about VoiceThread:

  1. When creating an assignment they may be prompted to enter a minimum number of posts. We suggest using 1 or zero because if you select 3 and the student posts 2, VoiceThread shows as incomplete and faculty will have to manually enter the grade in Blackboard.
  2. The only grade allowed is percentage however in Blackboard's grade center faculty can convert the grade display to a raw score.
  3. Rubrics are not supported. You can add a rubric to the grade center column but you won't be able to use it.
  4. If faculty really prefer to use a rubric, I recommend not using assignment builder. In fact, you can simply add the column manually which might be easier in the end.
  5. Groups appear to be available in VoiceThread but they are not
  6. Students can use their mobile phones with VoiceThread - use Chrome to navigate to Blackboard, click the link and they will be prompted to install the necessary tools
  7. Students can also upload audio or video files if they otherwise experience technical difficulty
  8. See attached tutorial on "Embedding VoiceThread Videos in Blackboard" (document will download to your device)