For users who have "Photo Editor" privileges in Transact, here is how to edit photos for users:

1. Log into the Transact system.

2. Once you are logged in, you should see a window similar to the following:

3. If you have Photo Editor rights, most of the links on this screen will be inaccessible (grayed out) except the "Query for" Customer link over on the right side under the Customer section.

4. To edit a photo for a user (called "Customer" in Transact), click the "Query for" link, and you should see the following window:

5. To bring up a desired user, you can search by Customer Number (same as the VCSU employee ID), or Last Name, First Name, etc as shown in the window along the top. Enter your search criteria such as Last Name and click the "Run Query" button. For example, if I search for a test user with "User" as last name and "Test" as first name, this is what the result will look like:

6. I am going to edit the photo for "Test User1" (the bottom one in the list), so I will click the Edit link on the left side. The Customer Detail window will appear (Customer Image is on the upper right side):

To edit the image, I can click the "Load Image" link and upload a new image. You can also select "Clear Image" if there is a current photo, but in this case there is no image. So, I click Load Image and select an image file to upload, and once I am done I can either click Apply or Ok at the bottom and that will save the new image. I uploaded a smiley face, so here is what it looks like with the uploaded image:

7. That's it, so you can either log off (click the button in the upper right), or click the Close button at the bottom which will take you back to the main Transact window.