1. Search Collaborative Registration on VCSU One-Stop
  2. In the Collaborative Registration solution, click on the Collaborative Student Agreement link
  3. Click on the Agree to Collaborative Policies and Go to Form button
    • You will need to make sure your pop-ups are enabled for your browser in order to open the form
  4. Log-in using the same credentials you use on Campus Connection
  5. Fill out the Student Information section completely
    • Valley City State University is your home institution
  6. Select the semester you are registering for (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and enter the year
  7. Select the provider institution (who you are taking the course from)
  8. Under Action, select add if you are enrolling in a course or drop if you want to drop a course you're already registered in, then click ok
    • For the next course information sections, you can find the course information by searching for the course in Campus Connection under the provider institution: Manage Classes tile > Class Search and Enroll > Select term and institution
  9. Under Subject, enter the course prefix - ex. ASC
  10. Under Course Number, enter the 2 or 3 digit course number - ex. 93
  11. Under Course Title, enter the title of the course - ex. Algebra Prep III
  12. Under Credits, enter the number of assigned credits - ex. 2
  13. Under Class Nbr, enter the 4 - 5 digit class number - ex. 15953
  14. Select Mode of Instruction
    • This is based on if the class is taught fully online or face to face on our VCSU campus
  15. If you are dropping a collaborative course, answer the question at the bottom of the Course Information section
  16. Read the Student Acknowledgement section and check the box acknowledging you have read and understand the policies and procedures of being a collaborative student
  17. Click Submit
  18. Once your form is submitted, you should receive an automated email letting you know you have submitted your form successfully
  19. VCSU will receive your form and process it in our system. Once we've processed your form, it will be sent to the provider institution to be processed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the processing. You will receive an email from the provider institution once you've been enrolled or if there were issues with your enrollment
  20. Any changes to your collaborative enrollment need to be made with your home campus 

To view this help document with images, please see the attached file.

Collaborative Registration Form How-To.pdf