Form Submission

  1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. Navigation:  Student Homepage > eForms > Collaborative Registration
  3. Please will select your HOME Academic Institution.  This will then pull up the Collaborative Agreement for you to review.  Then click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. The form will populate with some prefilled information.  You will then be required to select your intended enrollment term and Provider Institution.  
  5. Choose which collaborative classes you need to add or drop.  The information in the ‘Search’ area will populate based on the provider school criteria that you entered.
    • If you are doing a search for a class, you  must remove the ‘0’ from the Class Nbr to search by subject/course description/catalog nbr.
  6. Select the semester you are registering for (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and enter the year
  7. Select the provider institution (who you are taking the course from)
  8. Under Action, select add if you are enrolling in a course or drop if you want to drop a course you're already registered in, then click ok:
    • For the next course information sections, you can find the course information by searching for the course in Campus Connection under the provider institution: Manage Classes tile > Class Search and Enroll > Select term and institution
    • If you are withdrawing/dropping from all collaborative courses, you must review the ‘Collaborative Course Withdraw’ information.
  9. You will then need to accept the acknowledgement by toggling the ‘No’ button to ‘Yes’
  10. Either ‘Save’ a form for future updating or ‘Submit’ to be processed. Previous takes you back to the first page where you can review the collaborative agreement for your home institution.
  11. After the form is submitted, you will get a results screen indicating successful submission of the form and you will also get a notification that the form has been submitted.  
    • You can also view a form’s Approval Route’ by clicking the Approval Route button

Updating a previously saved form: 
If you save a form to go back and complete later, you will access the form at:

 Student Homepage > eForms > Update a NDUS eForm

  1. Clicking Search will bring up all forms that are in your queue or that have been submitted. As the student you will be able to see all pending and saved forms you submitted.
  2. Select the form you wish to update.  On this page you can either choose to Save again, Withdraw the form, or Submit for processing.

To view this help document with images, please see the attached file.

Collaborative eForm Process.pdf