Alt text can be read by screen readers (examples: Voice Over, Alexa), and helps people who are blind or who have low vision understand what images are all about. Alt text should be used on objects, such as pictures, clip art, charts, tables, shapes, SmartArt, embedded objects, and audio or video objects. To add alt text to an object:

  1. To add alt text to a picture, shape, chart, or SmartArt graphic, do one of the following:

  2. Right-click the object and select Edit Alt Text...

  3. Select the object. Select Format > Alt Text. The Alt Text pane opens.

  4. Type a detailed description of the image to someone who cannot see the image, and describe why the image is important to your message.

Since assistive technology doesn’t read words within images, if there’s text within your image, include that text in the alt text description.

Instructional Video on how to create alternative text for digital accessibility:

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