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Heather Peschel


Why Seek a Special Education Endorsement?

The strategist special education endorsement allows teachers with valid North Dakota educator's professional license in elementary education to: 

  • teach in an elementary education classroom 
  • teach or provide direct instruction to all LD, ED or ID elementary students 
  • consult K-12, LD, ED or ID students

The Special Education Endorsement at VCSU follows the Endorsement requirements specified by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practice Board (ESPB). Teachers outside North Dakota seeking to use this coursework for certification need to determine the specific requirements for teacher certification in their state. The Special Education Endorsement is predicated upon an education degree.

Study Online

All coursework leading to the Strategist Special Education Endorsement is offered online from VCSU. 

Practical Experience

Students will complete 150 field experience hours with practicums focusing on assessment, a specific learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and intellectual disabilities. 

Adding the Endorsement to a Teaching License

The courses completed within the Strategist Special Education endorsement are listed on the VCSU transcript, however the endorsement is not specifically listed like a minor or major. To obtain the actual endorsement, students make application to the ND ESPB after graduation and attainment of their initial ND license for elementary teaching.

Required Courses  Credits
EDUC 240 Educating Exceptional Students  3
EDUC 250 Intro to Education 3
EDUC 300 Educational Technology  2
EDUC 323 Methods of Reading Instruction 3
SPED 340 Learning Disabilities,Emotional Disorders, and Intellectual Disabilities 3
EDUC 430 Diagnosis, and Correction of Reading Difficulties  3
SPED 310 Behavior Modification 3
SPED 333 Assessment of Students with Disabilities  3
SPED 380 Collaboration, Consultation, and Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities  3
SPED 382 Methods and Materials of SLD 2
SPED 383 Methods and Materials of ED 2
SPED 384 Methods and Materials of ID 2
SPED 486 Student Teaching - 6 weeks 5

Online Course Schedule

All courses are available completely online, unless otherwise specified. Schedule is subject to change. Check course schedule at for latest information.

Courses Fall Spring Summer 
EDUC 240 x
x x
EDUC 250 x
face to face

EDUC 300 face to face
EDUC 323 x
face to face
SPED 340 x x
EDUC 430 face to face
x x
SPED 310
SPED 333
SPED 380 x
SPED 382 x

SPED 383 x

SPED 384
SPED 486
x x