Current Viking Safety Level: Transitioning from 1 to 2

As we welcome the VCSU community back to campus this fall, students, faculty and staff will return to a much different campus.

What has not changed is VCSU's mission and vision: we are an innovative university and we will continue to deliver distinctive, learner-centered experiences. Though the coronavirus pandemic may change how classes meet and offices work, we remain committed to on-campus education, and are working to ensure VCSU is as COVID-resistant as possible. Although the risk of contracting coronavirus will not be eliminated, our goal is to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Guiding Principles

Every day, VCSU is making decisions about how to appropriately respond to the dynamic nature of COVID-19. 

Our decisions and actions must:

  • First and foremost, consider the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff
  • Ensure that our educational and scholarly experiences remain focused on excellence
  • Sustain a sense of community founded upon principles of respect and empathy
  • Promote a sense of collaboration on campus, in the local community and across the State of North Dakota
  • Apply consistently to the many areas of our campus, while simultaneously recognizing key differences in those areas
  • Respond sensibly to changing conditions of the pandemic

Our decisions will be informed by federal and state guidance as well as commonly accepted practices at other colleges and universities, and we will communicate with the campus frequently. Our VCSU Emergency Response Team has developed a Safe Operating & Reopening Plan with the previously mentioned guidelines in mind to ensure we are reopening a safe campus environment.

Coronavirus Student Information

Coronavirus Employee Information