VCSU Safe Operating Procedures/Reopening Plan

All university employees share responsibility for implementing the VCSU Safe COVID-19 Operating Procedures by following its requirements. The goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 on the VCSU campus and in other university-leased or managed facilities, and that requires full cooperation among everyone—administration, supervisors, faculty and staff. Only through a cooperative effort can we maintain the safety and health of our VCSU community.

Information on Face Coverings

VCSU's ability to offer a safer, COVID-resilient on-campus living and learning experience depends on each of us making personal decisions that support the collective health and safety of our entire campus community. By observing physical distancing and wearing face coverings, we can help drastically slow the spread of COVID-19.  Each of us has the opportunity and responsibility to support the health and safety of our campus community and reducing the spread allows the University to remain physically open to the fullest extent possible.  

All students, staff, faculty, affiliates and campus visitors are required to wear face coverings when interacting with others on the VCSU campus.

CDC & NDDoH Resources