VCSU recognizes the positive impact of social engagement and participation in campus activities. VCSU will strive to provide students, faculty, staff and campus visitors with opportunities to engage in campus events outside the classroom while mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Given the fluid nature of COVID-19, event plans may need to be adjusted as conditions change to support the health and safety of the campus community. 

VCSU event health and safety protocols include:

  1. COVID-19 Event Agreement
    1. Must be reviewed and signed prior to the event
  2. COVID-19 Readiness and Planning Checklist

All university-related public events that are organized by VCSU departments must also follow the same event request process.

Should your event be approved to move forward, please consider the following guidelines.

Guidance for Future Events

Event planning for groups may require additional considerations in light of public health recommendations related to communicable illnesses.

Hosting events, both on or off the university campuses, can benefit from enhanced planning, hygiene and public health measures. These actions help limit the spread of many communicable diseases and keep the community safe.

The following guidance provides information for student groups, academic and professional programs and professional event planning and production teams.  It is up to the event sponsor to communicate campus expectations to all event participants.

General Recommendations: Planning Considerations

  • If it is necessary and possible to turn the event into a webinar, become familiar with the Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Choose a venue that will allow for physical distancing for the event participants.
    • Provide an accurate participant count when submitting the event request form so Event Services can help select the appropriate sized venue.  Event sponsors may want to consider pre-registration to an event to ensure there is enough seating.
  • Collect email and phone contact information (or establish a community channel, such as an event notice through Microsoft Outlook or Teams) where hosts could communicate any public health related updates to the schedule.
  • Assign a point person for general readiness. 
    • Policies and Procedures: Consult with VCSU Safety Office about COVID-19 protocols prior to the event.
    • Facilities and Supplies: Develop a schedule for increased routine cleaning and disinfection. As well as obtain cleaning and disinfection supplies. Supplies can be ordered Here
    • Educating and Training: Create a plan for educating staff and attendees on procedures.
    • Communication and Messaging:Develop a plan to create and disseminate clear messages about COVID-19 protocols and expectations (e.g., website, email, social media).
  • Develop contingency plans if the event needs to be postponed or canceled.
  • If this is a paid event, consider flexible refund or credit policies for registration fees.
  • Ask about refund and cancellation policies for venues/services/rentals that your organization has deposits for currently.

Public Health & Hygiene Recommendations

  • VCSU will require all visitors on campus to follow symptom Screening Protocols.  If a participant is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, the participant will not be allowed to attend the event.
  • Communicate with participants that masks are required while they attend VCSU events. 
    • The event sponsor can request a limited number of disposable masks to provide event participants.
  • Ensure adequate restroom facilities are available for proper hand washing.
  • Set up hand washing stations or alcohol-based (60% or higher) sanitizing stations on-site (station at entry areas).
  • Request from Event Services for cleaning and disinfection of the venue prior to your event.
  • For all-day or multi-day events, Assign a point person to have a plan before someone gets sick, when someone gets sick, after someone gets sick.
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
    •  For events longer than 2 hours, ask for increased waste pick-up and restroom cleaning during.

Food & Beverage Planning Recommendations

  • Individually served, wrapped and packaged food is recommended over shared service items for large gatherings to reduce potential contact (wrapped sandwiches, brown bag, box lunches or items served table side to a single guest instead of open buffets or platters).
  • Canned or bottled beverages (or for informal events, a water station with “bring your own” water bottles instead of open pitchers) are recommended.
  • Eliminate sharing of commonly passed items, including serving utensils, pitchers, food and beverages.
  • Contact the Sodexo or catering manager to ensure a high level of food safety training, handling and hygiene for your event.