What is River Watch?

River Watch is a program where high school students and their teachers monitor water quality of a river in their area. Each school involved is given a YSI Sonde, a turbidimeter, a Secchi tube, safety vests, and a sampling bottle to use as well as the necessary calibration solutions. Each group uses these tools to monitor dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, pH, and turbidity of the river. Twice each school year, once in the fall and once in the spring, all of the schools are brought together for a workshop where they report on their findings and are provided information on some topic pertaining to water and water quality.

River Watch Brochure

Mayville-Portland River Watch Presentation

Monitoring Station Workshop - 2020

Monitoring Station Workshop

Data Base

We have added a database to enter your school's records. You can use the database for making graphs with your data and to compare your data with data collected by other schools. Just follow the link below.

River Watch Database (login needing to be redeveloped)


Sampling Protocols


Collecting a Water Sample

Finding Depth

Secchi Tube

Deploying the Multi-Probe Sonde

Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Calibration Sheets

Calibration Instructions

Calibration Log

YSI Sonde Maintenance and Care