The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) have developed a comprehensive set of jointly authored advisory documents on neuromusculoskeletal and vocal health for musicians. Information of a medical nature is provided by PAMA: information regarding contextual issues in music programs, by NASM.

The documents below are made available for faculty and students and contain guiding principles and practices to safeguard your health and safety during music practice and performance. 

1.    Information for Administrators and Faculty

A compendium of information for administrators and faculty. This is the most complete document of the set.

Information and Recommendations for Administrators and Faculty

2.    Information for Faculty and Staff

A compendium of basic information for faculty and staff.

Information and Recommendations for Faculty and Staff

3.    Music Student Guide

A comprehensive guide for music student health and safety.

Music Student Guide

4.    Student Information Sheet — Neuromusculoskeletal Health

A one-page summary of basic information for students. 

Neuromusculoskeletal Health Guide

5.    Student Information Sheet — Vocal Health

Another one-page summary of basic information for students, this resource focuses directly on one particular aspect of neuromusculoskeletal health: vocal health. 

Vocal Health Guide