All undergraduate and graduate international students, actively taking classes on campus, are eligible to enroll.

  1. Eligible students who enroll may insure their dependents as well. Eligible dependents are the student’s legal spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under 26 years of age. The student must be enrolled in order to access an enrollment opportunity for dependents
  2. Students eligible for this insurance plan must be actively attending class in person. Students that are primarily enrolled in online courses, home study programs, or correspondence courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements
  3. This list is not exhaustive; each applicant must review the insurance policy information and base eligibility determinations upon that review. If a student is found to be ineligible for the policy, United Healthcare will remove the student from the policy. If you have questions if you are eligible or not, please contact Katie Fitzsimmons at the NDUS Office
  4. If you have questions about the plan, please refer to your Campus Contact

Plan Coverage Periods and Premiums for the 2022-2023 academic year (Aug. 2022-Aug. 2023)
To add a spouse and/or dependent, the rate and coverage periods are the same as the student rate.


International Students
Annual (August 16, 2022-August 15, 2023): $2184.00

Fall (August 16, 2022 – December 31, 2022): $826.00
Spring/Summer (January 1, 2023-August 15, 2023): $1358.00

All premium costs are due upon enrollment.


Early Arrivals
If you are required to arrive to campus early for athletic commitments please contact your campus contact (listed below) to make arrangements. There is an additional charge for the extra coverage, depending upon the date of your arrival:
August 1-August 15, 2022: $90

For detailed information visit:
The United Healthcare Website: www.UHCSR.com.
United Healthcare’s customer services: 1-877-433-6667 or customerservice@uhcsr.com.


To research policy documents, enroll, print ID cards, and access other information, go to www.UHCSR.com.


Our 11 campuses are divided into three groups on UHCSR’s website:

North Dakota State University

University of North Dakota

North Dakota State Colleges and Universities (this includes BSC, DCB, DSU, LRSC, Mayville State, Minot State, NDSCS, VCSU, and WSC).

Type one of those three group names into the search bar at UHCSR.com to access your campus’s materials.


Domestic Students

The NDUS UHCSR Plan does not offer coverage to domestic students. NDUS encourages students to seek health care coverage if they do not have insurance. If you are in need of assistance in finding health insurance, please visit healthcare.gov.


International Students
International students are automatically enrolled by semester in the student health insurance plan by their institution. A student may opt-in to NDUS health insurance coverage prior to automatic enrollment to expedite confirmation of coverage. The premium cost is billed to the international student’s campus connection account. If an international student wants to waive this health insurance coverage, comparable coverage must be in place and verified through the waiver process. Click here to learn more.


Waiver application deadlines for the 2022/2023 academic year are as follows:

Fall term: August 31, 2022

Spring/Summer term: January 19, 2023

Summer term: May 9, 2023

Follow these steps to enroll:

  • Go to:  https://www.uhcsr.com/;
  • Type in Valley City State University and hit search;
  • Select your school from the list;
  • On the next screen, scroll down, click on medical, then click on Get Started
  • Then follow the directions given.

If you are a VCSU student you can also contact Gabrielle Myers Biewer (gabrielle.biewer@vcsu.edu) or Sarah Wangrud (sarah.wangrud@vcsu.edu) if you have questions.

Health Insurance Card

Once your ID card is available, about 48 hours after enrollment, you will receive an email from UHC.  This notification will include directions on how to access your card through your UHC "MyAccount".  You will be able to view your cared electronically, print a copy, use the mobile site to access your card, or request a permanent ID card to be mailed to you.