Hiring Process for Full-Time Benefited Faculty 

Contact Michaela Hamilton, Human Resources/Payroll Specialist, at: michaela.hamilton.1@vcsu.edu if you would like assistance with this process.

Review Policies:

V601.04 Selection and Appointment Procedures for Full-Time Tenure Track Positions

V603.02 VCSU Equal Opportunity Employment Plan

Open the Position (Steps for the Hiring Chair)

  1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM 
  2. Navigate to Create Job Opening
    1. Click on the compass icon
    2. Click on the Navigator icon
    3. Select, “Recruiting”
    4. Select, “Create Job Opening”
  3. Enter Position Number 
    1. Click on the look-up icon or click tab on your keyboard
    2. All other field will automatically populate
    3. Contact HR for position number, if applicable
  4. Click on, “Continue”
  5. Click the drop-down under, “Openings to Fill” 
    1. Select, “Limited Number of Openings” 
    2. Enter number of openings
  6. Enter Fund and Department information
    1. Select (+) if multiple funding sources to add additional funding
    2. Click on the drop-down and select status reason
  7. Desired Start Date: Leave blank
  8. Click on, “add location” if posting for multiple position numbers in multiple locations
  9. Positions: Click on, “add position” only if there are multiple position numbers open
  10. Enter Employee ID that is being replaced, if applicable
  11. Add Employee ID if replacing multiple employees
  12. Enter suggested Salary Range.  HR will make adjustments, if necessary, prior to posting.
  13. Always select, “Save as Draft” at the bottom of the page
  14. HR will enter information on the qualifications and screening tabs prior to posting
  15. Click on the, “Job Posting” tab
  16. Select, “Add Job Posting”
  17. Update Title.  Sample: “Assistant Professor for Music”
  18. Click on the drop-down under the header, “Description Type” and select, “Position Information”
  19. Click on the drop-down under the header, “Visibility” and select, “Internal and External” or “Internal Only” depending on position posting type.
  20. Click on the drop-down under the header, “Template” and select the VCSU faculty template 
  21. Update template to reflect your job opening
    1. This is where the Vacancy Announcement will be located
    2. Use the template to ensure links and verbiage are up to date
  22. Click the drop-down under the Job Posting Destinations and select the following
    1. Destination & Posting Type
      1. Internet: External Posting (Required for all positions; unless internal only)
      2. Job Board; Internal Posting (Required for all faculty positions)
      3. Ad; External Posting (Optional locations); enter source type
        1. Click on Sub-Source to add source 
        2. Click on the (+) to add multiple sources 
        3. Optional locations samples: Higher Ed Jobs, Forum, etc.
    2. Note: HR will post all positions to VCSU Job Opportunities Facebook page and Job Service
    3. Relative Open Date: 0-On approval date
    4. Remove Date and Posting Duration: Leave blank
  23. Click, “Preview” to review your data, review, and then click on, “return to previous page”
  24. Click, “OK”
  25. Click, “Save as Draft
  26. Click on, “Hiring Team” tab
  27. Select, “Add Recruiter Team”
  28. Select, “VCSU1 Recruiters”
  29. Check the box next to name, “Michaela Hamilton” to add as the primary recruiter
  30. Enter your name and the hiring chairman (if a different person) as primary
  31. Enter Amber Olson, Executive Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs, as a second hiring manager
  32. Interviewers: Add all other hiring committee members (must be done at the time of posting)
  33. Select, “Save and Submit
  34. Approval process to open the position will then be implemented automatically
  35. Once approved, your position will be posted at: www.vcsu.edu/jobs 


Steps for Hiring Manager Prior to Viewing Applications

  1. Send committee members the link to this hiring process
  2. Request committee members to complete the Conducting Job Interviews training, if they haven't completed it within the last 2 years
    1. Training link: https://vcsu-nd.safecolleges.com/login, 
    2. They will receive a request from Vector Solutions (formerly SafeColleges),if applicable

Review Applications - Committee Members

  1. Committee members will receive an email with the applications attached after the full consideration date
  2. Screening for qualifications and Veteran's Preference will be completed by HR/Payroll prior to the committee receiving the applications
  3. The screening summary sheet will be attached to the job posting under the, "Activities and Attachments" tab
  4. View Routed Applications and Screening Summary
    1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM 
    2. Click on the compass icon
    3. Click on the Navigator icon
    4. Select, "Self Service"
    5. Select, "Recruiting Activities"
    6. Select, “Routing Response”
    7. Select the application you wish to review
    8. View Screening Summary
      1. Click on, “View Job Opening” link
      2. Click on the, "Activity and Attachments" tab to view the screening summary
      3. If you don’t see an application for someone, it’s because they did not meet the minimum qualifications

Prepare for Interviews - Committee Members

  1. Determine how many of the top candidates you wish to interview
  2. Create an interview schedule (meet with HR to review benefits, campus tour, etc.)
  3. Determine eligibility for committee members and those involved in the interview schedule

Schedule Interviews - Hiring Manager

  1. The hiring manager will need to complete the remainder steps, per interviewers will not have access 
  2. Complete one of two ways to log into the job opening (depends on access rights)
    1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM 
      1. Select, “Recruiting” from the drop-down on the top of the page
      2. Click on, “My Job Openings” tile
    2. Log into PeopleSoft HCM  
      1. Navigate to Create Job Opening
      2. Click on the compass icon
      3. Click on the Navigator icon
      4. Select, “Recruiting”
      5. Select, “Find Job Openings”
  3. Click on the arrow to the right of the job opening you wish to review
  4. Check the boxes next to the names of those you want to interview
  5. Click on, “group actions”
  6. Select, “Schedule Interview” and create a new series
  7. Select type, “Phone, on campus, virtual, etc.”
  8. When do sessions become available = how far in advance of the proposed interview times can they select the time slot
  9. Click on, “Add a new session” for each interview time slot option
  10. Use full time (i.e. 10:00AM)
  11. Continue to add all interview options (More times can be available than number of interviewees)
  12. Then, “Invite All”
  13. Click, “Next”
  14. Can add a note here about the interviews to let the applicants know what to expect.
  15. Send invitation
  16. Hiring manager should be notified when an applicant selects an interview time
  17. If you do not receive an email notification indicating an interview time was selected, log back into the applications to see if they selected a time.  There is a known error with this part we are currently reviewing this step to determine why some supervisors are receiving notifications and some are not.
  18. Make sure to add times on committee members’ outlook calendar, per they are not connected to this program


Interview (Steps for the Hiring Manager)

  1. Follow steps in V601.04 Part B. Procedures for Conducting an Interview
  2. Create list of interview questions and attach to job
    1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM 
    2. Select, “Recruiting” from the drop-down on the top of the page
    3. Click on, “My Job Openings” tile
    4. Click on the arrow to the right of the job opening you wish to review
    5. Click on the Activities and Attachment Tab
    6. Add Attachment
  3. Create one Interview Evaluation for each applicant interviewed
    1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM (Two ways to access)
      1. Select, “Recruiting” from the drop-down on the top of the page>Click on, “My Job Openings” tile
      2. Click on the compass icon>Click on the Navigator icon>Select, “Recruiting”>Select, “Find Job Openings”
    2. Click on the arrow to the right of the job opening you wish to review
    3. Click on the Interview icon to the right of the name of the person you interviewed  
    4. All categories will need to have a rating selected from the drop down
    5. Comments are optional; not required in the boxes
    6. Give Overall Rating and select a recommendation
      1. Make an Offer – Only for the individual you want to hire
      2. Hold – Those that are on hold while the offer is being processed
  4. Let interviewees know they will be notified by email to either accept an offer or to be notified that the position has been filled

Reference Checks (Steps for Hiring Manager)

  1. View references listed on the, “Applicant Data” tab for the applicants you wish to check.
  2. References must be checked prior to making an offer.
  3. Request references if none are listed
  4. Complete a Reference Check Form and attach to the job in HCM
    1. Form is attached to the bottom of this page
    2. Attach completed form in HCM: View Job Postings>Click on appropriate job>Activities and Attachment tab>Add Attachment

Appointment Recommendation (Steps for Hiring Manager)

  1. Hiring Chair will follow steps in V601.04 Part C. Appointment
  2. Upload all documentation relating to the search to the job posting in HCM
  3. Submit Form # AA-32 to the Academic Affairs Office.
  4. The Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs will complete the offer steps in HCM
  5. Once the hire is fully completed, complete the onboarding for supervisor steps (see last step)


Request Approval (Steps for the Executive Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs)

  1. Prior to making an offer, ensure the following forms are attached to the job opening
    1. Interview report for each person interviewed
    2. Reference Check Form
    3. Interview Questions
  2. Upload and attach forms AA-32 & AA-33 
    1. The VPAA will direct the Administrative Assistant for AA to complete the AA-33 form
    2. View Job Postings>Click on appropriate job>Activities and Attachment Tab>Add Attachment
  3. Request to offer a position in Recruiting Solutions under your job opening
    1. Scroll to the right of the applicant and click on the following:
    2. “Other Actions>Recruiting Actions>Prepare Job Offer”
  4. Enter Job Offer Components 
    1. Component: Base Salary
    2. Offer Amount: Enter annual salary 
    3. Frequency: Annual
  5. Enter a start date (beginning of a pay period; see samples below)
    1. 8/16/20_ _ for 9-month faculty; 8/1/20_ _ for 10-month faculty 
    2. (Can be adjusted to a later date if needed by HR/Payroll)
  6. Offer expiration date:  enter number of days allowed for applicant to accept the offer 
    1. Default is 5 days; however, you may extend for longer
    2. If it expires prior to applicant accepting, you will need to edit offer and adjust the start date, edit the offer expiration date, and resubmit
    3. The offer expiration date cannot be later than the start date; can be the same date
  7. Click, "Save as Draft"
  8. Select, "Edit Offer"
  9. Upload the Letter of Appointment to the, "offer letter” section
  10. Click, “Submit” for Approval"

Verbal Offer (Steps for Vice President for Academic Affairs or Designee)

  1. Once approved, the VPAA or designee will make an offer verbally to the person and explain it’s contingent on a successful background check and let them know they will need to follow the instructions in the automated emails they will receive. 
  2. VPAA or designee will notify the Executive Administrative Assistant for AA that the offer was verbally accepted. 
  3. The Executive Administrative Assistant for AA will send correspondence, complete a background check, and make an offer.

Correspondence (Steps for the Executive Administrative Assistant for AA)

  1. Executive Administrative Assistant will send correspondence request to the candidate and request documents (if applicable)
    1. Resume/Vitae
    2. Signed letter of appointment
    3. Signed Criminal Records Disclosure form
    4. Signed Oath for Teachers
    5. Original copies of transcripts (must show date and degree)

Background Check (Steps for Executive Administrative Assistant for AA)

  1.  Go to Manage Job Opening
  2. Select applicant if they are not already checked
  3. Scroll to the right and navigate to the following
    1. Other Actions
    2. Applicant Actions
    3. Sterling Background Check
  4. Sterling Package ID: Standard Check W Locator Select
  5. Sterling Account ID: Valley City State University New
  6. Click on, “Request New Inquiry”

Offer (Steps for Executive Administrative Assistant for AA)

  1. Prior to making an offer, ensure the following have been completed
    1. Approvals have been made in the system
    2. All forms have been received or are attached as action items
    3. The background check has been completed cleared
  2. Go to Manage Job Opening and click the box next to the applicant’s name
  3. Scroll to the right and navigate to: Other Actions>Recruiting Actions>Prepare Job Offer
  4. Review for accuracy
  5. Click on, “Submit”
  6. Click on, “Notify Applicant”
  7. Click on, “Post”
  8. Click on, “Submit”
  9. Send correspondence to new hire (browser tip, steps to accept, contact info for assistance) 
  10. HR/Payroll will prepare the applicant for hire.

Onboarding (Steps for the Hiring Manager)

  1. Complete the New Employee Checklist for Supervisors once the hire has been fully completed.  This form is used for all new employees, so some items may not apply.  
  2. Accounts (Employee ID, email, access to Blackboard, etc.) will be created once an employee completes their form i-9 which is part of the HR/Payroll hiring process.  An account is needed prior to the employee picking up their computer.  Contact Mike Nix to schedule an appointment for the employee to pick up their computer (if applicable).
  3. Note, you will be able to find the employee in Outlook once the employee has completed the hiring process, per they will be assigned a VCSU email address.