This is to explain how to link to an attached file to the text in the main article body text.

  1. Attach a file by clicking on "Attach files" at the bottom.  Keep in mind there is a max file size of 25 MB for the combined file size total of ALL of the attached files.
    Attach File
  2. Click "Save" in the top right.
    Click Save
  3. After it saves, click the 3 option dots and go back to "Edit" mode.
    Edit the article again
  4. Next, right click on the attached file at the bottom and copy the link address.
    Copy Link Address
  5. Select the text in the article body that you wish to be the linked text and click on the chain icon to insert a link.
    Click Insert Link Text
  6. Paste the copy link into the URL field.
    Paste URL
  7. If you ever need to update the file, you will need to delete the attached file and re-upload it.  This will change the URL so you will need to edit the URL in the linked text. You can do this easily by clicking on the link and hit the pencil icon.
    Edit Link
  8. Update the URL or the Text if needed.
    Update URL or link Text