Team Meeting Recordings are moving from Stream to Sharepoint and OneDrive

Now We can make the change for users now.  This can be done for individual users or all users.
January 2021 By default all users will be switched starting in January of 2021.  If we take no action Microsoft will make the change automatically for our users
July 7th 2021 We can delay the change for all users or individual users until July 7th, 2021.  After this date the save location for recordings will be updated for all users.

This change is required by Microsoft so they can update Stream.

The benefits of using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for storing recordings include:

  • Retention policies for Teams meeting recording (TMR) (S+C E5 autoretention labels)
  • Benefit from OneDrive for Business and SharePoint information governance
  • Easy to set permissions and sharing
  • Share recordings with guests (external users) with explicit share only
  • Request access flow
  • Provide OneDrive for Business and SharePoint shared links
  • Increased quota
  • Meeting recordings are available faster
  • Go local tenant support
  • Multi-geo support – recordings are stored in a region specific to that user
  • Bring your own key (BYOK) support
  • Improved Transcript quality and speaker attribution

There are some limitations to consider:

  • There will be English-only closed captions and transcripts.
  • You won't be able to search transcripts or their content.
  • You won’t be able to edit the transcripts, but you'll be able to toggle captions off/on.
  • You can control with whom you share the recording, but you won't be able to block people with shared access from downloading the recording.
  • You'll not get an email when the recording finishes saving, but the recording will appear in the meeting chat once it’s finished. This will happen much quicker than it did in Stream previously