Graduate Studies (Steps for Administrative Assistant)

Send Correspondence Request to Dual Credit Instructor

  1. Request new hire to complete an application at
  2. Request new hire to include the following attachments with their application.
    1. Resume
    2. Letter of Intent
    3. Provide original copies of transcripts (must show date and degree)

Review Applications 

  1. Log into PeopleSoft HCM 
    1. Select, “Manager Self-Service” from the drop-down on the top of the page
    2. Click on, “Open jobs” tile
    3. Click on the arrow to the right of the job opening you wish to review
    4. Select the application icon to view materials
    5. If applicable, upload transcripts or other documents to the applicant’s file
      1. Click on, “Add Applicant Note”
      2. Contact Method, “Inbound letter or email”
      3. Audience, “Public”
      4. Subject, “Official Transcripts”
      5. Add Attachment
      6. Save

Background Check

  1. Go to Manage Job Opening
  2. Select applicant if they are not already checked
  3. Scroll to the right and navigate to the following
    1. Other Actions
    2. Applicant Actions
    3. Sterling Background Check
  4. Sterling Package ID: Standard Check W Locator Select
  5. Sterling Account ID: Valley City State University New
  6. Click on, “Request New Inquiry”

Request Approval

  1. Prior to sending an approval request to make an offer, ensure the following forms are attached to the job opening
    1. Resume
    2. Signed letter of intent
    3. Copies of Official Transcripts
  1. Scroll to the right of the applicant and click on the following:
    1. Other Actions
    2. Recruiting Actions
    3. Prepare Job Offer
  1. Enter Job Offer Components 
    1. Component: Base Salary
    2. Offer Amount: 10.00
    3. Frequency: Hourly
  1. Enter a start date: Enter fall or spring meeting date – Recommend using the 1st or 16th of the month which is the beginning of a pay period. (Can be adjusted to a later date if needed by HR/Payroll)
  2. Offer expiration date:  enter number of days allowed for applicant to accept the offer 
    1. Default is 5 days; however, you may extend for longer
    2. If it expires prior to applicant accepting, you will need to edit offer and adjust the start date, edit the offer expiration date, and resubmit
    3. Recommend setting up personal reminder prior to end date to ensure the applicant accepts in time.
  1. Under Offer Letter section select Offer Letter template for Dual Credit instructor 
  2. Save as Draft
  3. Click on, “Edit Offer”
  4. Click, “Submit” for approval


  1. Prior to making an offer, ensure the following have been completed
    1. Approvals have been made in the system
    2. The background check has been completed and cleared
  1. Go to Manage Job Opening and click the box next to the applicant’s name
  2. Scroll to the right and navigate to: 
    1. Other Actions
    2. Recruiting Actions
    3. Prepare Job Offer
  1. Click on Generate Offer Letter
  2. Review the letter for accuracy and make necessary changes
    1. Delete template letter
  1. Click on, “Add Organizational Attachments”
    1. Updated Offer Letter Contract – Action Required Box
    2. Criminal Records Disclosure – Action Required Box
    3. Oath for Teachers – Action Required Box
    4. Ensure all of the appropriate boxes are checked for, “Action Required”
  1. Click on, “Submit” 
  2. Click on, “Notify Applicant” 
  3. Click on, “Post” 
  4. Click on, “Submit” 
  5. Send correspondence to new hire (browser tip, steps to accept, contact info for assistance) 

Onboarding for Supervisor

  1. Accounts (Employee ID, email, access to Blackboard, etc.) will be created once an employee completes their form i-9 which is part of the HR/Payroll hiring process.  
  2. Note, you will be able to find the employee in Outlook once the employee has completed the hiring process, per they will be assigned a VCSU email address.