The VCSU Gallery of Art is actively considering submissions and proposals for exhibitions from artists and curators for the exhibition schedule 2021-2023. We will consider proposals for solo or group exhibitions in all media. 

Preference will be given to proposals that are conceptually stimulating and challenging for the student body as well as the community in general. 

The following materials must be submitted for consideration:

  • A clear and concise statement of conceptual and aesthetic themes in the artwork/exhibition
  • A CV from all the artist(s) and/or curator involved with the exhibition
  • A selection of no less than 10 images representative of the artwork proposed in the exhibition. These images should be sent as a PDF file with title sheet.
  • A list of any associated costs for the exhibition including shipping, special installation and construction needs, etc. The gallery has modest budgets, which generally cover basic installation and costs for exhibitions.

The gallery will pay the cost of printing a small number of postcards and posters for each exhibition. We print 100 cards for solo exhibitions and up to 300 cards for group exhibitions. 

Small honorariums are available for artists and/or curators who exhibit in the gallery and able to give gallery talks or lectures for students. 

Please send all proposal materials to: 


Subject: Gallery submission 

If you have questions please contact Angela Mircsov at

Exhibition schedules are planned out at least one year in advance. 

Submissions will be accepted from February 12th - March 12th, though it may take up to one year for a response due to the fact that the gallery coordinating committee generally only meets once a year. Please do not email to check on the status of proposals.

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