The Standard Long-Term Disability benefit is for employees who are enrolled in the TIAA 401(a) main retirement plan (job bands 0000-3,0000).  For more information about this program, please see the attachment below.

Filing a Claim (Process): 

  1. A new claim can be submitted online at or by using the LTD claim packet:
  2. Instructions for completing the packet:
    1. Complete, sign and date the employee’s statement
    2. Sign and date the authorization to obtain and release information
    3. Send both forms directly to The Standard using the address on the claim form.
    4. Complete section A of the Attending Physician’s Statement. Then give the form, fraud notice and envelope to the physician and instruct physician to complete the section B and send the form directly to The Standard. 
  3. Reach out to the Director for Human Resources to complete the Employer’s statement section.

The link to FAQ (for filing a LTD claim):