1. In alignment with CDC recommendations for institutions of higher education with mixed populations (groups where some but not all are vaccinated), individual faculty members may choose to require students to wear masks in the classroom.   If this is not viable, faculty in these situations (with the permission of the VPAA) are allowed to move classes to online or synchronous modalities.  Faculty will indicate their expectations in the course syllabus.

  2. Students who have a medical issue that prevents their use of a mask should provide documentation of this issue to Student Academic Services (Ms. Jackie Owen), who will assist in developing accommodations as needed.

  3. Students without medical rationale who choose not to wear a mask when asked to do so by a professor are in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and will be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.

  4. Absence due to Covid-19 will be treated like any other absence due to illness.   Students should consult the course syllabus for directions on how to handle this issue.  In general, students need to contact instructors and work out how they will make up the missed work and activities or, in some cases, participate synchronously while they are absent.

  5. Students in a classroom where masking is not required, who are uncomfortable because of personal or family concerns, should meet with their instructor or the Director of Student Academic Services (Kaleen Peterson) to find solutions to these issues.