Ceiling Mounted Video Camera: Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with a ceiling-mounted video camera as an alternative to a laptop webcam.  The ceiling-mounted camera improves video quality and possible camera angles for classroom streaming and recording.  The camera includes a remote control for quickly switching between three programmed preset positions, e.g. whiteboard, faculty at the console, or a wider view of the classroom.


  • Starting the video: Video will start once a video call/capture session is opened and the camera is selected. The camera LED will illuminate when the video is streaming.
  • Pan and tilt the camera using the remote control. Press once for incremental movement or press and hold for continuous pan or tilt.  Caution: Do not manually rotate webcam head. Doing so may damage the unit.
  • Zoom the camera up to 10X by pressing the zoom button.
  • Home: Press the Home button to return to the default, out-of-box home position.
  • Camera presets: You can set up to 3 preset positions. First, position the camera using the pan and tilt controls, and then press and hold one of the preset buttons for 3 seconds to save that position. You may return to your defined position at any time by pressing the preset button once. Use Preset 1 as your own defined “home” position. When the camera is reconnected to the PC, it will return to the position set in Preset 1. If no position is set for Preset 1, the camera will return to the default home position. All three presets are by default set to the out-of-box home.

Using the PTZ Pro 2 in Teams

First, connect to the Classroom AV system by connecting the green-tagged USB-C cable to your laptop.

You will need to change your camera source to PTZ Pro 2. Below are three popular ways to change this camera source

Example #1

1. Click on the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings.

2. Select Devices in the left column and verify/change the settings for Camera has PTZ Pro 2 selected.

Example #2 - Join Meeting Screen

1. When you are joining or starting a meeting you can verify/change sound settings by clicking on either the slider icon on the right or the gear icon below the preview screen.
2. This will bring up the device settings. You can verify/change your camera source here.  
3. Click on the X when you are done and click on Join Now to start the meeting in Teams.

Example #3 - Change in the Meeting

1. Click on the ellipsis in the meeting menu bar and select Device Settings.
2. This will bring up the device settings. You can verify/change your camera source here.    
3. Click on the X when you are done and continue with your meeting.


For additional help contact the Technology Service Desk @ 701-845-7340