Valley City State University

Withdraw Information


·         I am requesting to discontinue enrollment and withdraw to zero credits for one specific term.

·         I am aware that after the last day to drop with no record, a W will on appear on my transcript.

Step-by-Step Directions

1) Log into Campus Connection

2) VCSU eForm tile

3) Records Office

4) Cancel/Withdraw to Zero

5) Complete the form and click Submit

*See these directions with screenshots in attachment below.



For general questions about the withdrawal process at Valley City State University, contact the Director for Student Academic Services at or 701-845-7302.



·         I understand any refund I may be entitled to will not be processed until all financial responsibilities to the University have been met.  Refunds are determined by the percentage of enrollment completed on the official withdraw date.  

·         I understand that funds I received through federal financial aid programs may need to be returned and that return of funds could make me liable for unpaid bills.

·         If I am receiving veteran benefits, I understand that there may be repayment requirements.


For specific questions about Refunds & Repayment, contact the VCSU Business Office at or 701-845-7232.



·         I understand that if I withdraw after financial aid disbursement, I will be placed on Financial Aid disqualification for the next semester (appeals may be submitted to the Financial Aid Office).

·         I understand that if I received student loans, I must also complete EXIT Counseling. 


For specific questions about Financial Aid, contact the VCSU Financial Aid Office at or 701-845-7541.



·         I am aware that I must return my VCSU laptop within 2 business days of my official withdrawal.  If I fail to return my computer, I may be subject to late penalty, legal prosecution or civil liability for the replacement of the computer. 


For specific questions about Technology Services, contact the VCSU Technology Services Desk at or 701-845-7340.



·         I understand that I must make arrangements to check out of campus housing as soon as possible.  


For specific questions about Housing, contact the VCSU Housing Office at or 701-845-7124.