Embedding VoiceThread Videos in Blackboard – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

This is what it will look like when you have completed the embedding process.

Step 1Under Build Content in Blackboard, choose “Web Link.”

Step 2: From your www.voicethread.com page, select the VoiceThread you want to embed here. Click the forward arrow symbol to “Share” the VoiceThread.

Step 3: Under “Basic,” select “Copy Link” (or just copy the link contents in the box below). This will then be pasted under “URL” back over on the “Create Web Link” tab in Blackboard.

Step 4: Paste this link as shown below in the “URL” of the new web link, and be sure to type something for “Name” as it is required. Here, I’ve simply labeled this “Test.”

Step 5: Toggle back to the VoiceThread tab and this time click on the “Embed” link. This will pop up a screen that allows you to “Copy Embed Code.”

Step 6: Toggle back to the Blackboard tab and scroll to the text box, selecting the symbol that looks like a “play” icon to “Insert/Edit Embedded Media.”

Step 7: The “General” tab will open by default. For the URL, this needs to be the same as the copied VoiceThread link, but you currently have the embed code ready to be pasted. So, ignore this tab for the moment. Instead, click on the “Source” tab.

Step 8: Paste your embed code (ctr+v) or right-click and select paste into the box under “Source.”

Step 9: Toggle back to the “General” tab and you’ll notice a thumbnail of your VoiceThread will automatically appear in the box. Be sure to grab that URL link back from the VoiceThread tab to paste in the “File/URL” box and then click “Insert.”

Step 10: This will send you to a screen that looks like this where you’re still in the process of creating this web link. Don’t worry about the yellow box – it has embedded your VoiceThread properly.

Step 11: Once you hit “Submit,” you should see (once you scroll to wherever you just created this link) your new content item that displays a thumbnail of your VoiceThread. Students can click directly on that thumbnail to play the VoiceThread without leaving Blackboard.

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