Under US Copyright law, accessible files (also known as alternative format), provided to the student can be used solely for eligible student’s own educational purposes and cannot be copied, shared, or distributed for use by others. 

The receipt of any alternative course materials from VCSU Disability Support Services is a declaration by the student that:

1. The student qualifies as having a disability that is certified by Disability Support Services at Valley City State University, and that disability requires the use of these alternative course materials.

2. The student is currently registered at the Valley City State University or registered at a participating collaborative institution at the time of the student’s request for text in alternative formats.

3. The student will not copy, reproduce or share any of the specialized formatted texts, nor allow anyone else to do so.

4. The student already possesses the course materials they are requesting in an alternative format, and will provide proof of such possession if required to do so by Disability Support Services on behalf of the copyright holder.”