Action Research Pre-Screening

All action research at VCSU must be reviewed prior to conducting the data collection process.  If the pre-screening process reveals concerns, your research may need to be submitted for further review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

This is typically what is required for each of the Pre-screening reviews.

  1. Capstone Paper Prescreening Approval Form (linked)
  2. Administrator Consent form (Signed) 
  3. Informed Consent.  One for each population level used for data (parents, students, teachers, etc)
  4. Parental Consent
  5. Debriefing form
  6. ALL data collection instruments (pre/post tests, surveys, checklists, observation rubrics, interview questions etc.)  At least three types of data need to be collected for an Action Research Study
  7. Advisor approval to proceed.
  8. All permission forms and approval documents are linked

Once you have completed all the information above and get approval from your advisor, please attach and send to