VCSU’s goal is to eliminate the need for an employee to miss work due to a work‐related injury. Every reasonable effort will be made for all employees to keep working throughout their recovery. If a physician determines that an employee must not work in any capacity, VCSU will strive to return the employee to gainful employment as soon as medically possible. Transitional or modified work will be utilized as necessary.

Supervisors will look first to keep the injured employee within their department. If that is not possible, transitional work may be identified within another department on campus or through the North Dakota’s transitional duty pool. VCSU wants employees to return to work and will ensure the employee is following medical instructions outlined for appropriate care. Transitional work shall be offered through a Transitional Job Offer.

Once a medical work release form is received, Human Resources will contact the employee’s supervisor to discuss transitional work. The supervisor of the transitional position will provide Human Resources with a job description which stipulates the essential functions of the transitional job and takes into consideration the nature of the illness and/or injury. Human Resources will contact the attending provider to discuss the proposed transitional job. If the medical provider approves the transitional job, but the employee declines the transitional job offer, wage‐loss benefits will be forfeited.

Under no circumstances will an injured employee be requested to perform any activity that exceeds his/her on or off the job capabilities or restrictions. Hours and working conditions will be modified by the supervisor as necessary for the continued safety of the injured employee until he/she can successfully return to normal duties. It is the responsibility of the injured employee to report to their supervisor any transitional work conditions that they feel are unsafe or that may hinder their recovery.

Sponsor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Effective: June 2014