State Board of Higher Education approval is required for changes made to the VCSU constitution and amendments. The approval procedure for VCSU is as follows:

  1. Recommendations should be presented through one of the governing bodies, faculty senate, staff senate, student senate. Changes approved by a simple majority by any one of the aforementioned governing bodies shall be forwarded for consideration by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  2. Following consideration and three fourths support of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, the proposed changes will be forwarded to the President of Valley City State University.
  3. Following the approval of the Valley City State University President, the president shall submit the proposed constitution or amendment to the Chancellor, who shall forward the document with a recommendation to the State Board of Higher Education.
  4. Should the Valley City state University President not approve any proposed changes to the Valley City State University constitution and amendments, upon request of the faculty senate, the Chancellor shall forward to the State Board of Higher Education for its consideration any provision not approved by the Valley City State University President.

Sponsor: President

Approved: Fall 2005

Revised: May 2007

Revised: December 2017