Textbook Adoptions

To provide the best possible service for our students, the bookstore and faculty must work together. Returning text adoptions in a timely manner is critical to best meeting the needs of our students. The VCSU Bookstore website will accept Spring textbook adoptions in early October each year, with adoption due at the end of October. Summer and Fall text book adoptions can be submitted on the VCSU Bookstore website in early March, with adoptions due by the end of March.

In compliance with federal law regarding textbooks contained in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-315), the institution will provide on its electronic course schedule and through a link to its bookstore's website, prior to course enrollment each semester for all required or recommended textbooks and supplemental material:

  1. The ISBN number and retail price, or if the ISBN number is not available then the author, title, publisher and copyright date.
  2. If such disclosure is not practical, then the designation “To Be Determined.”
  3. A reference will be made on any written course schedule to the information available on the electronic course schedule accessible through the institutional website and the internet address for the electronic course schedule.

The institution will include through a link to its bookstore's website and electronic course schedule any of its policies or provisions for:

  1. Rental of textbooks;
  2. The purchase of used textbooks;
  3. Textbook repurchase or buy backs; and
  4. Alternative content delivery programs.

VCSU will update policy to comply with any future federal mandates.

For faculty information regarding the selection textbooks and other curriculum information, please refer to Policy V611.09.

Desk Copies

Desk Copies need to be ordered directly from the publisher by faculty or their assistants. Requests from faculty for desk copies are not accepted by the bookstore. In most cases, the bookstore can provide the contact information for a publisher if it cannot be located. Desk copies should be ordered early, so it is not necessary to borrow a copy from the bookstore.

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Reviewed: Winter 1996

Reviewed: Fall 2004

Number Change: October 2010 (formerly V481)

Revised: 2014

Reviewed:  December 2019

Revised Spring 2022