V480.05 Copyright Guidelines Policy: 

All faculty, staff, and students shall abide by current copyright laws, as mandated by the US Copyright Act (Title 17, US Code).

This includes appropriate use and file sharing of print and digital material, following Fair Use, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the TEACH act, and other acts that may follow.

Additionally, in accordance with NDUS Procedure 1901.2 Computer and Network Usage:

“Users are responsible for recognizing and honoring the intellectual property rights of others. Users are prohibited from using, inspecting, copying, storing, and redistributing copyrighted material and computer programs in violation of copyright laws. Software subject to licensing must be properly licensed and all users must strictly adhere to all license provisions (installation, use, copying, number of simultaneous users, term of license, etc.).”

For more information, guidelines, and best practices regarding copyright compliance, refer to Allen Memorial Library website at: http://libguides.library.vcsu.edu/copyright.

Note: It is the responsibility of all members of the Valley City State University community to make a good faith determination that their use of copyrighted materials complies with the United States Copyright Law at http://www.copyright.gov/.

Sponsored by: Library Director 

Established: 1976

Reviewed: Winter 1996

Number Change: October 2010 (formerly V481)

Revised: August 2015