A. Initial Procedures

Appointments to the Valley City State University faculty are made by the State Board of Higher Education upon recommendation of the President of the University. Procedures used in the opening of faculty positions and in the selection of candidates are as follows:

  1. The faculty needs of each division are determined on the basis of schedule requirements, anticipated enrollment, program development and anticipated retirements, resignations, and approved leaves of absence.
  2. A position is considered open when official, formal, and written approval has been received by the appropriate Division Chair to advertise and solicit candidates. No position will be considered open until the position has been reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University.
  3. After receipt of formal notification that a position is open, the Division Chair will prepare a vacancy notice using Form #AA-26 Vacancy Notice found in the public Academic Affairs forms folder. Upon approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University, vacancy notices will be distributed to the appropriate sources in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Procedures. Vacancy notices will also be distributed to the faculty, administration, and the North Dakota Job Service. The committee must allow at least 20 days for submission of applications after the first appearance in a national publication.
  4. Following receipt of applications, the Division Chair will prepare a notification letter using the form at the end of this policy.
  5. The Division Chair will appoint the membership of a Divisional Screening Committee with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs using the following guidelines:

    a. Whenever possible, the Divisional Screening Committee should consist of the Division Chair and at least four other members. If it is appropriate, or necessary, the Divisional Screening Committee may include faculty from other divisions.

    b. The Division Chair will serve as Chair of the Divisional Screening Committee. The Division Chair will vote only to break ties. When circumstances warrant, the Division Chair may recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs that the search be discontinued.

  6. The initial screening of candidates will be made by the Division Chair or designee in consultation with the Divisional Screening Committee. After the initial screening, candidates with incomplete files may be requested to provide the University with a complete application. In order for an application to be considered complete, it should include a letter of application, a resume, at least three letters of reference, and undergraduate and graduate transcripts (unofficial transcripts acceptable for application, if hired official transcripts will be required.)
  7. The Divisional Screening Committee will review all complete applications and decide which candidates merit consideration as semi-finalists.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Divisional Screening Committee to develop standard sets of questions to ask semi-finalists and references when contacts are made. Contacts will be made by the Chair or by a member or members designated by the Chair. All notes taken during this process become part of the search file. It is recommended that the Divisional screening committee notify the semi- finalists of the expected salary range. The Divisional Screening Committee will choose the finalists whose complete credentials have been examined.
  9. The Divisional screening committee chair will ask permission to invite candidates to campus.

B. Procedures for Conducting an Interview

  1. With the permission of the VPAA, the Chair of the committee will issue invitations for campus interviews to the finalists. The Chair of the Screening Committee is responsible for scheduling the interview process. A sample interview schedule is attached. The interview may include:

    a. Campus tour

    b. City tour and local realtor

    c. Individual interviews with the President, VPAA, VPBA

    d. Teaching/research presentation

    e. Meet with members of the Division

    f. Interview with the Divisional Screening Committee

    g. Meeting with students

  2. Meals, travel, and accommodations should be arranged by the divisional screening committee and will be paid for by the Office for Academic Affairs following guidelines in policy V806.2.1 and SBHE806.1. As a general principal, the Academic Affairs office will reimburse for the applicant's meal and two members of the screening committee. The Chair of the committee should discuss the anticipated expenses with the VPAA before inviting candidates to campus.
  3. The Division Chair will notify the University community of each interview prior to the candidate's arrival on campus and distribute the candidate’s vita for review.

C. Appointment

  1. Recommendations for appointment to the faculty come from the Division Chair (Form #AA-32), after consultation with the Divisional Screening Committee, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President for Academic Affairs reviews the recommendation and forwards his or her recommendation to the President of the University (Form #AA-33). The letter of appointment will be issued from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and will detail the salary, rank and years of professional experience to be applied toward tenure. A copy of the letter will be sent to the Division Chair and the Vice President of Business Affairs.
  2. The VPAA will request approval from the President for temporary, full-time appointments, using form AA-33, and issue a letter of appointment, with a copy to the Division Chair. A contract will be issued from the Office of the President when annual contracts are prepared.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Division Chair to inform all applicants of the final outcome of the search. A sample letter is provided at the end of the policy. Candidates who interview on campus should receive a personal response.
  4. After the final selection of a candidate has been made and the candidate has signed a letter of appointment, the following information should be deposited in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs by the Division Chair:

    a. All applications received after the position was opened.

    b. All correspondence, both external and internal, relating to the position

    c. Relevant notes on phone calls and information contacts made by the Division Chair or Committee members concerning the candidates.

    d. A list of semi-finalists and finalists for the position.

  5. The Vice President for Academic Affairs should inform the faculty that a candidate has signed the contract and also distribute a brief "Vita" of the candidate.
  6. All application materials will be kept on file for seven years, then destroyed.

Required Forms:

  • AA-26 Academic Vacancy Notice
  • AA 32 Appointment Memorandum: Divisional Recommendations
  • AA-33 Appointment Memorandum: Recommendation of Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University

Other Documents:

Writable forms are located at X:/Institution/Offices/Academic Affairs/Academic

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Reviewed: Winter 1996

Reviewed: July 2001

Revised: October 2010