State Board of Higher Education Policy 701.1 (Leave Without Pay) provides for employee leave (without pay) for professional activities (such as education, research, or temporary employment) that will benefit the institution. Regular staff employees should follow Section 21 in the HR Manual, Leave without Pay.


A faculty member, Administrator, or Professional Staff member at VCSU desiring to make a formal application for leave without pay for professional reasons should follow the following process:

  1. The employee should make early and informal contact with his or her supervisor, department chair, or vice president.

    During this early discussion, questions regarding SBHE policy, impact to the department/program, and rational for the request should be reviewed.
  2. To make formal application, the employee should complete Form AA-15 (Request for Leave without Pay) and submit this form to his/her immediate supervisor for review and approval.
  3. The supervisor should complete the top portion of Form AA-16 (Leave Without Pay Recommendation), and submit both AA-15 and AA-16 to the appropriate Vice President for review.

    In cases where the supervisor reports directly to the President, the form is submitted to the President (and step 4 below is omitted). 
  4. The Vice President will review the request and recommendation, add comments and recommendations as appropriate to AA-16, and forward the materials to the President.
  5. The President of the University will review the request and recommendations, and will notify the applicant of his/her decision regarding the request.
  6. The employee’s Vice President or supervisor will prepare a memorandum of agreement outlining the terms of the leave, including the dates of the leave, the purposes of the leave, requirements for continuation of benefits, and any other conditions or details pertinent to the planned leave. The employee and President will both sign prior to the start of the leave.

Sponsored by: Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Reference: Faculty Senate and Academic Policy and Affairs Council, 1983.

Reviewed: Winter 1996

Revised: February 2018