Payment of travel expenses, per diem allowances and travel advances are governed by the provisions of NDCC Chapter 44-08.

Every individual must pay his or her own expenses (VCSU credit card or direct billing from hotels may be used) and submit an individual voucher for reimbursement. Allowances for travel advances may be made pursuant to NDCC Chapter 44-08-04.2:

Any state agency shall advance at the request of the agency head for employees of that agency funds to be used for payment of meal and lodging expenses incurred while the official or employee is traveling on official business of this state, provided that such travel must be planned to be in excess of five days per month, whether or not consecutive, and provided that the funds advanced do not exceed eighty percent of estimated expenses for the period. Travel advances must be approved by the chief executive officer or a designee of the agency involved. Funds advanced for meals and lodging under this section shall be accounted for as required under section 44-08-04 for travel.

Advanced funds must be reflected on the travel voucher subsequent to the dates of travel. The instructions and VCSU form for requesting a travel advance can be found at

Expense reimbursement may occur only if the proper authorization has been secured prior to departure:

  1. Faculty must complete the preauthorization form described in V706.3.1
  2. Other employees must receive authorization from their immediate supervisor

The following guidelines for reimbursement apply:

  1. Air fare may be charged to a travel agency only after notice of trip approval has been received.
  2. When accompanied on a state-authorized trip by a family member, the state employee should provide documentation of the single person room rate so that only the appropriate amount is charged to the state. The official, original lodging receipt is required for reimbursement.
  3. Such charges as towing and repairs are not allowed when the individual collects personal car mileage reimbursement.
  4. Charges for laundry, valet charges, alcohol, and tips will not be reimbursed.
  5. Receipts are required for all reimbursable expenditures with the exemption of meals which are reimbursed through a per diem allowance.

Travel vouchers should be submitted to the employee's immediate supervisor, the fund controller, and, for faculty, the VPAA, for approval signatures.

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Revised: Spring 2004

Revised: Fall 2009

Renumbered / Revised: February 2010