Along with academic freedom and tenure, all faculty members recognize certain responsibilities to their students, their colleagues, to the University, and to the state and broader community.

1. To students, faculty members have a responsibility for:

  1. Keeping abreast of current developments in their disciplines, continuously updating course content, improving the method of instruction, and regularly evaluating the effectiveness of their instruction.
  2. Maintaining in their classrooms and elsewhere an intellectual and attitudinal environment in which students are stimulated to learn, to ask questions, and to explore alternative approaches to problems.
  3. Respecting students as persons, being concerned about their progress, and being willing to hear their points of view without prejudice.
  4. Distributing to each student at the beginning of each semester a written course outline or syllabus which specifies the objectives of each course and the general method of instruction, as well as course requirements such as term papers, reports, and scheduled tests. The course outline or syllabus must also include a clear statement of the basis on which grades will be determined. A copy of the course outline will be filed in the Office of the Division Chair.
  5. Informing students as early as possible in the semester of the policy concerning attendance. Students' grades should be based on recognized academic standards.
  6. Holding classes and examinations as scheduled and, in the event of necessary absence, informing students in advance of changes in schedule and making suitable alternative arrangements relating to course work or other matters of concern and interest to students. Faculty should post a schedule indicating times when they will be available for consultation.

2. With respect to their colleagues, faculty members are responsible for:

  1. Avoiding conduct which intentionally and substantially obstructs or disrupts teaching or other lawful activities on the University campus.
  2. Respecting the rights of free inquiry and expression of opinion by their colleagues in accordance with the University's statement on academic freedom.
  3. Acknowledging in his/her own publications the contribution which colleagues have made to his/her research and other endeavors when peer evaluation is required for the purposes of promotion, curriculum assessment, and the like.

3. With respect to the University, faculty members have a responsibility for:

  1. Participating in the committee work and other channels of governance on departmental and University levels.
  2. Observing the regulations of the University which are designed to promote freedom for teaching and research and participating through orderly means in seeking modification in these regulations when these are considered inappropriate are not speaking for or representing the University.

4. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in endeavors for improvement of the economic, social, and cultural life of the community, especially when they have an expertise which may make their contribution particularly valuable and when such a contribution can be made without interfering with their primary obligations for teaching and scholarly endeavor.

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Reviewed: Winter, 1996

Number Change: October 2010 (formerly V611)