The VCSU Faculty Development Committee provides guidelines for funding of professional development activities, reviews requests, and serves as an advisory body to the Vice President for Academic Affairs who administers the funding available and maintains records for evaluation purposes. As budget permits, the Vice President for Academic Affairs:

  • supports travel requests for professional development
  • provides access to research support and on-campus developmental activities related to campus initiatives

Ongoing faculty development is not only essential to the individual faculty member, it is necessary to the health and vitality of Valley City State University. Faculty are responsible for their own professional development and encouraged to seek opportunities to strengthen their effectiveness in the classroom and deepen their knowledge of their content field.

Faculty members evaluate their professional goals and achievements on an annual faculty report. These annual reports are important documents which demonstrate faculty interest in professionalism and commitment to ongoing development. In identifying professional development goals that faculty might wish to pursue, the following are possible activities to consider:

  • development of special talents and interests
  • enhancement of teaching performance, advising skills, and counseling capabilities
  • stimulation of faculty research, artistic endeavors, and publication
  • participation in regional, national, and international meetings
  • representation at meetings of learned and professional societies
  • development of new courses and upgrading the curriculum
  • increasing understanding of student learning styles, interests, and capabilities
  • attendance at workshops, seminars, graduate and doctoral classes
  • development of computer software and other media materials

The faculty development committee will set its own criteria for faculty support. 

The University holds faculty members accountable for the use they make of development funds. Faculty members who receive faculty development funding are obliged to demonstrate benefits to themselves and the University. For example, faculty members may be obligated to submit final reports, present workshops, and/or make presentations based on their funded development activities. 

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Reviewed: Winter, 1996

Revised: April 2011