Campus presence significantly impacts the success of the University. Faculty share professional and contractual responsibilities with others on campus including advising, curriculum development, recruitment, impromptu meetings, consultation with students outside of class hours, and otherwise managing the business of the university. While recognizing that faculty need uninterrupted periods for research and course preparation, faculty must also make themselves available in reasonable and consistent ways, and within normal business hours, for these campus duties. 

Those who teach predominately online or who maintain evening classes should—in consultation with their department chair and with his/her permission—adjust their schedules to balance the time spent in the performance of those duties outside of normal business hours with the need for a campus presence reflected above.

Additionally, given the emergence of new communication technologies, and with the understanding that VCSU email is the official means of communication for our institution, faculty need to clearly outline, in syllabi, expectations regarding faculty availability, preferred modes of communication, appropriate etiquette (if so desired), and response times.

Sponsored by: Faculty Association 

Reviewed: Winter 1996

Number Change: October 2010 (formerly V611.10)

Revised: May 2013

Reviewed: April 2020