Reference: SBHE Policy 806.2


This policy sets guidelines for the commitment and payment of expenses associated with the recruitment of candidates for eligible faculty and staff positions.


Allowable expenses may be committed and reimbursed in the course of recruiting for the following positions:

• President

• Vice President

• Dean

• Faculty (see V601.04 and V601.05 for detailed procedures)

• Administrative Director

• Head Coach

• Other positions as determined by the President


Expenses associated with travel to and from Valley City may be incurred and payment made to candidates with preapproval by the appropriate Vice President. Allowable expenses include:

• Airfare

• Personal car mileage at North Dakota state rate

• Car rental

• Lodging (state rate)

• Per diem allowance at North Dakota state rate


Expenses will be reimbursed to candidates after the following items have been submitted to the Business Office:

• W-9 form with Social Security number

• Nonemployee Travel reimbursement Voucher (Non-Employee Travel Voucher) signed and approved by the fund controller. 

• Itemized receipts for airfare and lodging

See V601.04 for reimbursable expenses incurred by the search committee members (to include guidelines for meals with the candidate and travel to pick up/deliver).

Sponsor: Vice President for Business Affairs

Effective: Spring 2014