Fund-raising activities are NOT covered by this agreement IF (a) they involve voluntary payment for services rendered AND (b) there is no solicitation of or at community businesses.

Any group or individual that wishes to solicit funds by any other means in or under the auspices of the university must gain prior approval from the Executive Director of University Advancement by submitting a Request to Raise Funds to the VCSU Advancement Office at least thirty days prior to the start of the fundraising activity. This includes membership drives, solicitation of donations (monetary and goods), sales of goods or services, and grants other than for academic purposes.

The purpose of annual planning and approval is to coordinate initiatives from the perspective of those we solicit to assist the university. The Director of University Advancement is to maintain a calendar showing who may solicit whom for what purposes during any given month. Any unauthorized fund-raisers may be required either to return the funds raised to the donors or to contribute the amount raised to the VCSU Foundation. They may also forfeit the opportunity to raise funds in the future.

When raising funds by or for Valley City State University, there is an expectation of professionalism and accountability. Use of personal or off-campus financial accounts is prohibited. All funds must go through the Advancement Office and a final financial report must be submitted to the Advancement Office at the end of the fundraiser.

The Director of University Advancement and the President will work together on any solicitations of $10,000 or more from alumni and friends. No one else is authorized to solicit major gifts except authorized by the President. Anyone else who comes to be in a position of talking with someone about a potential large gift should refer the person to the Executive Director of University Advancement or President.

Only the President of the University is authorized to accept gifts on behalf of the university.

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Revised: Winter 1996

Revised: August 2006

Revised: October 2015