The following procedures are to be followed so the accountability of long-distance telephone calls is delineated as to the individual responsible and correctness of the billing is established.

  1. To make a long distance call, dial 9 1 area code 7 digit number authorization code #key. The area code must be used for all long distance calls including those made within North Dakota. This service is for business use only.
  2. Each month the long distance charges per authorization code will be sent to the person/dept. assigned to that authorization code.
  3. The person/dept. assigned to the authorization code should keep a log of all long distance calls so he/she can verify all charges listed on the billing.
  4. All charges which cannot be verified should be circled, notated and returned to the Technology Services Office. The person/dept. assigned an authorization code is primarily responsible for the long distance charges assessed that authorization code. Therefore, the individual must take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the authorization code.
  5. Authorization codes are assigned by the Technology Services Director of Network Services, and any questions as to the assignment should be directed to him/her.
  6. Any questions relating to telephone usage should be directed to the Director of Network Services or the Chief Information Officer.

Sponsored by: Chief Information Officer

Reviewed: Winter 1996 

Reviewed: Winter 2004

Revised: May 2010